Home Solar PV systems need a minimum of 4 x 4 metres of clear roof area

This will provide enough space for a 2kWp system.  4kWp will need 8 x 4 metres.  There should be no significant shade over your roof from trees or neighbouring buildings.

South is good, but East-West still works

  • You get the most solar energy when the solar panels are pointing in the best direction, which is due South, and in the UK with a pitch (roof angle) of 32 degrees. However a roof direction between East and West is still viable, as are pitches from 20 to 60 degrees.
  • As part of our free survey, we use sophisticated computer modelling software that calculates the precise amount of solar power you can expect from your Solarbarn Solar PV system based on your roof’s orientation, pitch, shading and type of solar panel. We supply systems primarily to the Saffron Walden, Great Dunmow and Bishops Stortford areas where we actually get more sunshine than the rest of the UK!

Your roof should be made of concrete or clay tiles, or slates.

If you have a slate roof we use specially constructed fittings which protect the slate and ensure it remains watertight. These are slightly more expensive than our regular solar panel mounting brackets.

You can find details of these special fittings on our Products page. Just click the link at the top of the page.

You need an Energy Performance Certificate of level D or above to get the full tariff: we’ll undertake your EPC survey free

For a home to qualify for the full solar energy feed-in tariff, it must have an energy performance rating of level D or better. Generally, any home with double glazing, good loft insulation and some additional efficiency measures should reach this standard. (And installation of a Solarbarn Solar PV system can often move a home into the D bracket if it wasn’t before.)

Getting your home surveyed for your Energy Performance Certificate would normally cost you around £100 but Solarbarn will undertake your ‘EPC’ survey completely free as part of the Solar PV installation.

Do you need planning permission to install solar panels?

Generally,no. However, if your house is listed, or is in a conservation area, planning permission will be required before you install Solar PV on your roof. Naturally, Solarbarn will help you with this.

If you live in a new development you should check that there are no covenants in place restricting development.

Are there building regulations concerning Solar PV installation ?

Yes, your Local Authority will require a Building Regulations application. Solarbarn will handle this on your behalf.

How long does installing solar panels take?

A typical home solar power installation takes two or three days and your system will start generating electricity straight away. The solar panels simply attach directly to your roof’s rafters using special brackets that slip between the tiles.

Please remember that Solarbarn will never fit a system if your location or roof is in any way unsuitable.