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At Solarbarn we install SolarEdge inverters as standard.

The key reasons are as follows:

- With a SolarEdge system the solar panels work independently of each other,  If one panel is shaded it won't impact the ouput from the remaining unshaded panels, which is a problem with traditionally constructed systems.  This results in higher yield.

- SAFE DC.  When a SolarEdge system is switched off the DC voltage in the cables drops to safe levels (1 volt per panel).  In traditional systems there will be 200-300v DC in the cables even when the system is switched off.

- Monitoring.  SolarEdge systems are internet connected, providing real-time information on system performance.

-Warranty.  Standard 12 year warranty on inverters, extendable to 20 years,


Visit the SolarEdge website here:

SEdge inverter.jpg
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